Custom Mattresses

Custom Mattress Makers in Birmingham, Alabama

Restful, Relaxing Mattresses – Made Perfectly to Fit Your Needs

Royal Bedding lovingly handcrafts custom mattresses to fit any size or shape of bed or space. Offering a completely specialized service that delivers double-sided mattresses that can be turned or flipped to give you the exact firmness on both sides.

A Lasting Mattress

Not only do our double sided mattresses deliver extreme comfort, it also means that your custom-made mattress will last much longer than any other mattress on the market!

A Unique Experience

The enjoyment of a custom mattress, created in any size of your choice can be yours to keep. Savor the satisfaction, unwind, and feel the gratification on your own Royal Bedding custom mattress.

Feel the Quality

As a prestigious handcraft mattress company, Royal Bedding makes custom mattresses for use in all applications and spaces. If you’re looking for mattresses custom-made for your yacht, boat, bus, RV, camper, pod or any other space, you can trust the team at Royal Bedding to deliver the exact shape and size mattress for your precise needs.

Mattress Manufacturing

Production of our custom mattresses takes place at our specialist Alabama bedding factory, where all mattresses can be produced with a range of different materials.

  • Premium Custom Latex Mattresses
  • Handcrafted Innerspring Mattresses
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