Double Sided and Flippable Mattresses

All Royal Bedding Mattresses are hand-built with the customer in mind. We make all of our mattresses double sided so that they sleep with the same comfort on both sides. A flippable mattress will always out live a single sided mattress, ultimately providing longer life to your mattress.

Sleep Great with A Custom Mattress

A custom mattress does not have to be expensive. We produce the finest quality, double sided mattresses that are designed specifically for you!

Birmingham's Custom Mattress Showroom

Royal Bedding has continued to raise the bar in custom, two sided mattresses. With lower prices than some of the big name competitors, we’re able to create a truely unique mattress designed specifically for you, and even deliver it to you within the greater Birmingham, Alabama area.

Hand-crafted Custom Mattresses

Hand-crafted Custom Mattresses

Royal Bedding builds unique, hand-crafted custom mattresses with great attention to detail, utilizing a double-sided and flippable mattress design that will outlast even the best!
Custom Size Mattresses

Custom Size Mattresses

We also create custom mattresses for RVs, motor-homes, semi-trucks, boats and more. We can design and build any non-standard mattress size and shape that you need!
Adjustable Beds and Bases

Adjustable Beds and Bases

Our custom mattresses pair up great with Reverie and Manuta adjustable bed bases with massage! This combination of sleep products creates a truly unique and blissful sleep experience.
MillCraft and Mantua Furniture

MillCraft and Mantua Furniture

We want you to walk into your bedroom to experience the luxury of a good nights rest, but what’s wrong with doing that in style? Take a look at the hand-made furniture that we carry!

Royal Bedding, Inc.

For 30 years, Royal Bedding has made custom, two-sided mattresses the way mattresses used to be made. We use American made products and materials and handcraft mattress sets right here in Pelham, Alabama. We invite you to visit our factory showroom to experience the difference, and talk with sales people who actually make the mattresses.

Royal Bedding + MillCraft

Royal Bedding desires to provide quality furniture that matches their commitment to building quality mattresses. We’re proud to offer MillCraft furniture along with our premium mattresses. Dove-Tail joiners, solid hardwood panels, and a restless attention to detail are just a few chords that still ring true at Millcraft. Click below for more details.

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The Best Range of Custom Made Innerspring Mattresses in Alabama

Perhaps one of the great accolades a company can get is from a satisfied customer. Royal Bedding customers’ rave about their 10-15-year-old double sided mattresses still being comfortable, surpassing their expectations and delivering superb value...
Double Sided Mattress Sets

Double Sided Mattress Sets

Royal Bedding makes and sells custom mattresses and we can construct one just for you.  We provide you the highest quality materials and craftsmanship at prices that are the best in town.  Budget units or ultra-premium at low prices.
Royal Bedding Factory

Royal Bedding Factory

Royal Bedding Manufacturing, Inc., located in Pelham, Alabama, is Alabama’s largest mattress manufacturer that sells directly to the public.  Our professional sales associates each have over 15 years of product knowledge and experience.
Tom of Royal Bedding

Tips From Tom

Tom, the owner of Royal Bedding inc., is availble to answer any questions that you have about your mattress. We provide with you information on how to maintain a mattress, tips on increasing comfort and quality sleep, and much more!

Request Information

A mattress is the key to your sleep comfort. Don’t let a salesmen tell you what to buy. Make an informed decision. Request information to have the right questions when you walk into any mattress store.