In this post, we provide you ten reasons why you should buy a double sided mattress. You will understand why they are the best investment you can make when mattress shopping for yourself or your loved ones.  

The History of Double Sided Mattresses 

In years gone by, most innerspring mattresses were double sided, allowing you to flip and rotate the mattress and sleep on either side.  However, around 2006, the majority of mattress manufacturers started to produce single sided mattresses with padding on only one side.

Royal Bedding has proved that the industry was wrong to move away from double sided mattresses.

With care and proper maintenance, double sided mattresses last longer than a “no flip” mattress.

Where Did Double Sided Mattresses Go?

As Federal regulations for mattress manufacturers increased, mattress manufacturers increasing moved away from manufacturing double sided mattresses. This enabled them to increase their profit margins, as typically a single sided mattress costs less money to make, and they don’t last as long. This meant that consumers would need to replace their mattresses much sooner. If you are considering a double sided mattress or simply looking for the best-rated two-sided mattress, you will benefit greatly from taking a few minutes to read on.

10 reasons Why You’ll Want A Double Sided Mattress


1. They Last Longer

Compared to a “no flip” mattress, a double sided mattress WILL last a whole longer. When you rotate and flip the mattress on a regular basis, you allow the padding on the bottom side to recover, extending the life, comfort and support of the mattress. 

This is similar to when you rotate the tires on your car, extending their life, when you flip and rotate your mattress, you extend the comfort, support and life of the mattress.  

2. You get more for your money 

Double-sided mattresses generally cost the same or a fraction more than a single-sided mattress; however, they deliver a bigger return on investment.

3. More Bang for Your Buck

Linking nicely to the point above, a double-sided mattress provides better value, giving you more for your money. Better comfort, better support, and you will wait longer before needing to replace a double-sided mattress when compared to a single-sided mattress.

4. Better Materials

Many of the national mattress manufacturers will make more money by using fewer and a lower quality of materials in the construction of their mattresses. With a two-sided mattress from Royal Bedding, you get better quality materials and craftsmanship.

5. Stricter Fire Code Regulations

Safety is absolutely paramount with any item in your home. With double-sided mattresses, the fire code regulations are specific and compelling; more so than their single sided counterparts. This means that manufacturers of two-sided mattresses need to make sure they meet these strict guidelines, assuring their customers a safer mattress.

6. Enhanced Weight Distribution

A one-sided mattress will tend to have thicker padding. This can lead to deep body impressions over the lifetime of the mattress, making it harder to turn or move during the night.  With a two-sided mattress, you get better weight distribution, allowing the padding on the bottom side of the mattress to recover while sleeping on the top.

7. They’re More Comfortable

With a double-sided mattress, when you sleep on one side, it allows the padding on the other side the opportunity to recover and bounce back to original shape. This ensures that when you flip and turn your mattress on a regular basis, you’re able to get consistent levels of comfort, helping you get a great nights’ sleep.

8. You Choose When to Flip

With a flippable, two-sided mattress, you get to choose when you turn it over. Although we highly recommend that you rotate and flip your mattress on a regular 3 month basis, you always have the right to choose when you do that. With a single-sided mattress, you don’t have that choice.

9. Reduced Environmental Impact

More and more importance is placed on the eco-friendliness of products, and understandably so. The companies who make double-sided mattresses will assure you that their products will last longer when compared to a single-sided mattress. This benefits the environment because it will take longer before your mattress is sent to a landfill.

10. High-Quality Construction

Because we make innerspring, latex, polyurethane foam, and hybrid mattresses, we are giving you a mattress that has undergone a high-quality construction process with a choice of materials from which to choose. The option of materials you find at Royal Bedding are found in very few furniture or mattress stores across the country.

Why Royal Bedding?

There are many mattress and furniture stores across the country, however, there are only a few factory direct mattress manufacturers, and at Royal Bedding we have a superb reputation for delivering high-quality products that our customers love. If you want the best two-sided mattress, then you need look no further than Royal Bedding.  We have a variety of styles from which to choose. 

We are proud of our excellent reputation for delivering the best mattresses and back that up with high-quality customer support.

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