Perhaps one of the great accolades a company can get is from a satisfied customer. Royal Bedding customers’ rave about their 10-15-year-old double sided mattresses still being comfortable, surpassing their expectations and delivering superb value for money. In this post, we are going to explain the different features of various Innerspring mattresses to help you decide what is the best innerspring mattress to suit your needs.

What Innerspring Mattress Is Best For Me?

Every Innerspring Mattress from Royal Bedding comes with a range of premium features. However, there are distinct differences between some of the variations that we make. If you are searching for the best-rated two-sided mattress, then read on to learn more about the different flippable Innerspring mattresses.

There are many companies who make double-sided Innerspring mattresses, and indeed many different types. The design, the thickness and the number of coils used in each can vary. Another key differentiator is the toppings that are used for the hybrid mattresses; toppings will typically be latex, memory foam, and gel.

Royal Bedding makes their double-sided king, queen, full, twin, and custom sized mattresses using standard, organic, hybrid, and CertiPUR-US® Certified foams.

Features That Make Innerspring Mattresses Great

There is a whole range of double-sided mattress manufacturers to choose from. Innerspring have been at the forefront of the industry for some time, and with good reason. Typically, an Innerspring Mattress will have an internal support system that is constructed using a steel core support that is topped with a layer of foam.  This provides the support that Innerspring Mattresses are synonymous for delivering.

Stay Cool Throughout the Night

Innerspring Mattresses will also keep you cooler than their memory foam counterparts due to the careful way they are constructed, and their unique design features.

Reduced Motion Disturbance

These mattresses allow for the natural body movements that can occur during sleep. For those of you who sleep with a partner, this is welcome news. Motion disturbance is limited with a modern Innerspring base, helping you to get that all-important great nights’ rest, without being woken up when your partner moves around.

Our Most Recommended Innerspring Mattresses

All Innerspring mattresses listed below are hand made, double sided, and customized specifically to fit your needs.

M.T. Cloud Pillow Top

Premium Plush – Two-Sided Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress Set – Can be flipped and turned

Double-sided pillow top mattress that feels wonderfully plush. Combining latex, Innerspring, and quilted polyurethane foam to give superb support for adults and couples. It is approximately 14″ thick. For larger individuals, it is important to ensure when trying the mattress, that hips don’t feel like they are sagging or that they feel they are laying in a hammock.

Legacy Millennium

Medium – Double Sided Mattress – Plush Top with Firmness Underneath

This premium double-sided mattress has a firm lower layer with a soft top and is classified as a medium feel. Ideally suited for adults and couple and is approximately 13’’ tall. The insulation used is much heavier and thicker that industry standards dictate. Additional padding internally prevents any body impressions or movement of the internal padding.

Legacy Extra Firm

Premium Extra Firm Set – Double sided Mattress – Can Be Flipped and Turned

For those who want an extra firm feeling mattress. The Legacy Extra Firm mattress from Royal Bedding is a two-sided mattress that is suitable for adults and couple. The mattress is approximately 11″ tall and most suited to those who like a stiff and supportive option. This comes with premium firm foam padding that is carefully wrapped around the edges and securely linked using the hog ringed method to the Innerspring. The construction helps to prevent any deep impressions being formed and ensure the padding does not shift inside the mattress.

Posture Firm Pillow Top

Premium Firm – Double Sided Pillow Top Mattress – Can Be Flipped and Turned

This is a double-sided premium mattress with a firm yet forgiving feel. It is approximately 15’’ thick and ideally suited for adults, including couples. Constructed with specialist insulator mesh that prevents the padding from pocketing inside the coils. It uses exceptionally plush foam in the cover and firmer foam underneath. It is a premier mattress set as it contains an additional feature in the manufacturing process that solidifies its construction and shape retention capabilities, which other double-sided mattress brands eliminate due to cost-cutting.  

Legacy Classic (top selling – best two-sided mattress)

Premium Firm – Double Sided Mattress – Mattress can be flipped and turned

One of the most popular double-sided mattresses produced by the Royal Bedding brand. It has a forgivingly firm feel and is ideally suited to adults, including couples. It is approximately 12.5″ tall with plush foam on the cover and firm foam underneath. It has undergone additional manufacturing processes to solidifies its construction and shape retention capabilities, which other double-sided mattress brands eliminate due to cost-cutting.  

Custom Innerspring Mattresses

Take a look at our complete range of different Innerspring Mattresses available in the Royal Bedding collection.

What Makes Royal Bedding Custom Mattresses Different?

Royal Bedding is the only custom mattress manufacturer in Alabama. One of the unique features of the business is the production of handcrafted double-sided mattress which comes with pillow top options. Mattresses can be produced in any size or shape to fit any application or space. Customers can specify a specific firmness as well as the size.

Royal bedding will work with the customer to either firm or soften up their mattress if it is not what they desire. Customer satisfaction and absolute comfort is a top priority. These flippable, double-sided pillow top mattresses withstand the test of time with satisfied customers claiming their mattresses are still as comfortable as the day they bought them, even after 10-15 years have passed.

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